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Hello and welcome to intended to be your complete guide to all things web site optimization, promotion, and Submission.  In addition to the various professional services we endorse via mention here then please also know that we’ve taken time to also extensively list totally FREE self-help type resources that are extraordinarily useful to the do-it-yourselfer!


First We’ll List the Totally FREE Options Though Be Aware that Most of These Resources Also Have Premium Paid for Services as Well!  There are many totally FREE optimization, optimization, and submission resources out there that often fly under the radar due to the simple fact that since these services are free then they do little or no promotion of their actual resource page that it;s simply not cost effective to promote them.


Below is a whole slew of totally FREE domain promotion utilities that would just as good or exceed the effectiveness of many of the paid services:


  • Entireweb Free Submission – Yes this totally free service will submit your sites to about 20 of the popular search engines out there including Google, Bing, etc. while only requiring you to confirm your email address by clicking on the emailed link.  The process is totally automated except you must submit manually to Bing when it prompts you to.   Yes, there are also submission (paid) based services they also offer but I really don’t think they are necessary.-